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To request an appointment on-line, fill in all the boxes on the form.  Make sure that you enter your name, a home telephone number, mobile phone number and/or an email address. Your booking will not be confirmed if we cannot contact you via one of these methods.

Select up to three treatments from the scrolling list.

Enter your preferred date and time and also an alternative in case your preferred date and time is not available (This can be a different time on the same day). Please check that the salon is actually open for the time you are requesting. (See opening times below)

Select whether you have been to the salon before from the drop down box and agree to the terms and conditions.

Align the security numbers in sequence and press ‘Submit’. If you make a mistake, press the ‘Reset Form’ button and start again.

Please Note:

Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a text, e-mail or phone call to secure the booking.  

Skin Revival Lounge will not guarantee that your required treatments are available or booked until you receive communication from us. We will do our best to offer you an alternative time and/or date if your requested slots are not available.

Allow one working day for the booking to be confirmed. If you want treatment within this time, or require more than three (or a course of) treatments, please call the salon and book manually.  CACI courses (one-off treatments only) & IPL treatments are not available for on-line bookings. Please call salon to book.

You agree that by booking on-line, you are committing to the booking and may be charged if you fail to attend.

For bookings over two hours long you may be asked to pay a deposit.

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N.B. Prices for Manicures and Pedicures include a ‘Paint’ finish only. Please make sure that you add an additional ‘Gel’ finish to your manicure or pedicure or select the ‘Gel Manicure’ or ‘Gel Pedicure’ treatment if you require it. French or ‘Gel’ finish on ‘Simply file and paint’ manicures or pedicures is not available.

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Opening hours.



01483 272200

24 Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh. GU6 7AE


Mail : skin@skinrevivallounge.co.uk

Tuesday-Saturday 9.30-5.30

Thursday 9.30-7.00

We are now open and taking bookings as of 15th August 2020