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Injectable Treatments are clinically proven to prevent and correct the signs of ageing and in particular lines and wrinkles of the forehead, frown and crows feet .

Injectable Treatments work by relaxing certain facial muscles that cause lines, wrinkles and the skin to droop. Treatment is by injection, is not painful and performed in a couple of minutes by our fully qualified doctor. The results are seen usually within a week after treatment, although this may vary in individuals.

This is the ultimate lunch time procedure and any mild redness that appears after treatment resolves in about 15 mins. Our clients return to us time and time again because the use of injectable treatments makes them look and feel good, increases their confidence and significantly changes peoples’ perception of their age. Injectable Treatments has become so renowned due to its dramatic anti-ageing effects and ability to rejuvenate the skin that you will look fresher and younger.                     




Dr Beata Samborska

Dr Beata Samborska, member of the GMC and The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, specialises in Advanced fillers for the jawline, neck and cheeks alongside more common areas such as smile lines, glabella and forehead wrinkles.

She's also skilled in the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating, and works on highly specialised procedures to correct delicate cosmetic issues such as hollowing under the eyes, which should only ever be performed by a highly skilled practitioner with her breadth of skill and experience. Her enthusiasm and expertise is highlighted by the numerous conferences, workshops and advanced training sessions she attends, both nationally and internationally, which enable her to constantly develop her skills in the latest advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Dr Beata uses only the highest quality, trademarked products in a medical environment to ensure your treatment is as safe as it is beneficial. Natural enhancements and more expert procedures require both a good eye and a professional hand, both of which Dr Beata has developed in her many years of practise. In her career to date she has performed thousands of basic and advanced aesthetic procedures in Botox, dermal fillers (such as Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane and JuvŽderm), Sculptra and chemical peels and has honed her specialist skills in non-surgical facelifts which are minimally invasive and incur very little downtime.

Her vast knowledge and understanding of the ageing process ensures your consultation will provide you with all you need to know to make the right decision in a professional, safe and un-pressurised environment.  

Just so you know you are in safe hands, click here to see Dr.Beata’s qualifications and training.

Dr Beata's Qualifications

A Member of:-

*British Medical Council

*British Association of Cosmetic Doctors

*British College of Aesthetic Medicine

*British Association of Sclerotherapists

*British Medical Association

*British Medical Laser Association

Qualifications and training

*Botulinum toxin basic training 2007

*Botulinum toxin advanced 2009

*Teeth Whitening La smile 2006

*Teeth whitening Smile Studio 2007

*Chemical peels- a Skin tech training session on the use of Easy TCA Peel and Only Touch Peel

*2006 Chemical peels- a training session on the use of The NeoStrata Product range & The           SRS peeling system

*2006 Chemical peels Ð advanced training session on the use of Easy TCA, Phenol and Unideep

*2008 Obagi

*2010 Environ skin care products

*2011 Collagen stimulation therapy, Environ

*2011 Masterclass micro needling, Dr Des Fernandes, Environ

*2012 Derma-roller

*2009 Mesotherapy training

*2010 Restylane theory

*2006 Restylane range

*2006 Restylane Vital

*2006 Restylane advanced

*2007 Restylane Sub Q 2007"Perfect Sense" Conference, Q Med

*2007 Laresse

*2007 Hydra Fill

*2007 Juvaderm, Surgiderm

*2007 Juvederm Voluma Juvederm hydrate

*2011 Juvederm advanced

*2011 Radiesse

*2007 Radiesse advanced

*2011 Tear Troughs

*2007 Canula Pxl training, Q Med

*2010 Belotero Injector training

*2008 Sculptra

*2006 Sculptra Update Training Course

*2009 Sculptra masterclass

*2010 LipoDissolve training

*2008 Local nerve infiltration certificate

*2008 Co2 Carboxytherapy

*2008 BACD Educational and Scientific Meeting, March

*2008 Core of knowledge -laser and IPLs

*2012 Fraxel laser

*2006 Harmony Multi-application Laser and Light based system

*2006 Cynosure Apogee Elite Laser for hair removal

*2008 Cynosure Affirm Multiplex Laser with XPL for rejuvenation

*2008 Cynosure Elite Laser for treating vascular and pigmented lesions

*2008 Elos Technology Clinical Training Hands-On skin rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Skin            Tightening, Removal of Leg Veins and Fractional Skin Treatment with the Matrix IR,            Syneron

*2008 High Profile Technologies, training course for InteliBrite IPL-Pro

*2011 E Lase, Motif LHR, Motif IR

*2012 E 2: Sublime & Sublative RF for skin resurfacing

*2012 Accent Radiofrequency

*2006 Strawberry Laser

*2011 Body conference

*2010, Royal Society of MedicineThermolysis

*2009 Allergan Facial Master Class

*2009 Anti- aging medicine World Congress, Monte Carlo

*2011 Merz workshops, Berlin

*2011 Allergan Masterclass

*2012 An Audience with Dr Des Fernandes

*2012 Priori skin care products,

*2012 Cynosure system update training

*2012 Anti-aging medicine World Congress, Monte Carlo

*2013 Microsclerotharapy

*2013 Facial teleangiectasia- Diathermy

*2013 Stylage

*2014 ACE conference March

*2014 Merz conference March

*2014 Lovera system August

*2014 Thermage 2014Aqualyx

*2014 Fraxel update 2014

Treatments by Dr.Samborska

- wrinkle reduction on forehead and eyes

- cheeks enhancement

- chin enhancement

- lip enhancement

- dark circles treatment

- jaw line treatment

- skin tightening and contouring with threads

- lipo dissolving treatments for jaw line, double chin and body,

  chest, neck, hands rejuvenation

Please note. Dr Beata Samborska is an independent, fully qualified doctor and consultant, not employed or contracted by Skin Revival Lounge. All recourse and payments for treatments are made to her directly, not to Skin Revival Lounge.

Injectable Treatments