Waxing is a semi permanent way of hair removal and can be carried out all over the body. It removes the hair right from the root and the results can last up  to six weeks.

We provide many types of waxing treatments in a clean and professional environment and we will ensure you have all the necessary advice and aftercare before you leave to make sure you are 100% happy with the outcome. The areas of the body we carry out waxing on are:

 •Eyebrow waxing

 •Lip waxing

 •Chin waxing

 •Underarm waxing

 •Arm waxing

 •Leg waxing

 •Bikini line waxing

 •Brazilian waxing

 •Hollywood waxing 

 •Chest waxing

 •Back waxing

£ 10

Lip or Chin

£ 18

Lip & Chin

£ 12

Under Arm

£ 35

Full Leg

£ 20

Top Half Leg

£ 20


£ 25

Whole Arm

£ 18

Bottom Half Leg

£ 28

¾ Leg

£ 45

Full Leg & Bikini


Brazillian from

£ 23

£ 24

Bikini & Underarm

£ 15

Standard Bikini Line

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